Does CBD Provoke Munchies?

Most of us know that THC-rich cannabis can cause a spike in hunger known as the "munchies". But what about CBD? Does cannabidiol provoke cravings or stimulate appetite? [...]

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The Cannabis Stock Market is Growing Up

Cannabis stocks have reached the mainstream, and some of them are soaring on the New York Stock Exchange. Like any hot new sector, the cannabis industry can be confusing for an individual investor, (...)

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Marijuana vs. Hemp Debate

Marijuana, cannabis, hemp, CBD—all wonderful words, but do we really understand the relationships between them? We're about to ask some crucial questions about the relationship between marijuana [...]

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Thailand Legalizes Cannabis For Medical Use

Thailand has shocked the world with the announcement that it will be legalizing cannabis for medical use, making it the first country in Southeast Asia to take this step. This move reverses over 80 [...]

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Medical Cannabis Finally Becomes Available in Polish Pharmacies

A bill legalizing medical cannabis in Poland came into effect in November 2017, but since then, the therapeutic plant has been unavailable within the country. As of January 2019, weed is finally av [...]

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