CannabisLAB Mission

Our mission is to be a resource to the cannabis industry by helping professionals and companies to learn, connect and grow. As a cannabis business industry association we serve a vital role to the community. For any professional or business getting started it is valuable if not necessary to start learning about the issues, opportunities and challenges that are part of your industry.Beyond that, you are going to need to start connecting with people in your community and the industry at large to build relationships. Most importantly, we are all here to grow. CLAB is here to help you Grow Healthy, Grow Wealthy and GrowSmarter. We invite you to join us.

These are exciting times in the cannabis industry. We appreciate you tuning into us and being a part of our ever-growing cannabis business community. Over a decade ago we began by educating attorneys with continuing education programs regarding the emerging practice area of cannabis law. Back then educating attorneys is all we did. When we started some of the earliest cannabis law programs we noticed for the first time that business professionals of all types were showing up and eager to connect with their peers and learn more.

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Based on the success of our early cannabis law programs and subsequent cannabis law, accounting and business conference, we ultimately created a business association for cannabis professionals. Cannabis Law,Accounting and Business (CLAB), is also invaluable for professionals looking to join the industry and many more who just want to find out more. Our years of educating attorneys at a high level and serving as a resource to the community set a standard that allowed us to transition to cannabis as a meaningful and necessary resource. All industries, perhaps most especially cannabis, need a place where individuals and companies can connect locally and globally, share ideas, learn and grow. Because of that clear demand in the market to connect the best and brightest in the industry, to provide high level education and to move the industry forward we created a professional services organization for the cannabis industry called The Cannabis LAB.

We are focusing on our true audience, the professional/ancillary services sector including: business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, financial services, accounting, law, insurance, marketing, banking, merchant processing, real estate and the like. We like to say we are infusing professionalism into the cannabis industry.

If you are committed to the cannabis industry, if you want to know who you need to know to be a resource to your clients and your own business, if you want to continue to learn then we created Cannabis LAB for you. Welcome. We invite you to grow healthy, grow wealthy and grow smarter.

Our topics

Critical Issues necessary for cannabis business leaders to knowledgeably operate.Suggestions welcomed.

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10 Events
A minimum of 10 events per year, our annual conference and more
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Our ideas

Meet and connect with the industry’s best and brightest.

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Join  today to support the cannabis industry and your future in it.

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