ELEVATE Your Grind

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Frank Costa

Chief Growth Officer of World Insurance Associates

Evolution of Cannabis Data

Cannabis LAB

Consumption Lounges

The Future is Here

Graham Farrar

Co-Founder & President of Glass House Brands

Ron Gershoni

Co-Founder and CEO of Jetty Extracts

Aisha Alves & Doug Kulig

Elevate Your Grind Conference Preview

CannabisLAB Pitch Slam

3rd Annual Pitch Slam

Meet the Board

The Year Ahead in Cannabis

Tracy Brady

VP, Head of Global Communications for Curaleaf

Sitting at the Table

Corporate vs. Legacy

Jonathan Sandelman

CEO of Ayr Wellness

Paul Sykes

CFO of springbig

Avoiding Legal Land Mines

Panel 6 Business Opportunities in Hemp and CBD

Panel 5

Crisis Management

Panel 4

Picks and Shovels

Panel 3

CLAB Meet the CEOs

Panel 2

CLAB Expansion

Panel 1

The Future Of Compliance
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Elevate Your Grind
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